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The Concept

10 years of Kultur flaniert – celebrating diversity in art, culture and society!

Kultur flaniert – this year’s “Day of (Socio-)Culture” celebrates the diverse togetherness that makes up our pluralistic society. The committed actors and artists of Erfurt’s independent art and culture scene will open their studios, rehearsal rooms, workshops and stages to interested visitors from September 15 to 17. With their creative view of our diverse, ever-changing coexistence, they invite you to exchange ideas about their work. This year, civil society organizations that are committed to peaceful and diverse coexistence in Erfurt and throughout Thuringia are also participating. Workshops, readings, film screenings, tours, concerts and much more weave a multicolored ribbon through the state capital.

The free events and open doors invite the youngest to the oldest in the city to take an unusual look at the pressing issues of the day or to be inspired. This year, the organizers of Kultur flaniert will provide participating venues, social and cultural institutions, and artists with a budget, if needed, which will be used primarily for educational events, mediation, and participation formats based on the motto “Celebrating Diversity”.

With the motto, we want to encourage a positive, co-creative attitude of social diversity and promote an individual and social understanding of empathy, openness and respect among visitors – the prerequisites for peaceful coexistence in today and tomorrow.

Kultur flaniert cooperates in 2023 with the Verband Bildender Künstler Thüringen e.V. (Vbkth), the Open Studio Day, the European Mobility Week, the KulturQuartier – Festival, the Theater Erfurt, the Kulturdirektion Erfurt and 100 other cultural venues and committed people.

The multilingual program deliberately points out possible barriers to make it easier for people with disabilities to plan their participation. This year, the organizers were sensitized for a participation-oriented offer with the help of workshops.

Kultur flaniert 2023 is a project of the Ständige Kulturvertretung Erfurt e.V. (SKV) and is financed by subsidies and voluntary work. The special variety of offers this year lives from the commitment of the organizers. As in the last 10 years, they are the ones who make their significant contribution to a lively and diverse city. Thank you! Thanks also go to the visitors – only through their openness and enjoyment of (socio-)culture was it possible for Kultur flaniert to develop into such a unique walking tour format.

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