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Kick-off Kultur Flaniert: Concerts for Diversity

    Let´s get loud for diversity! With Estrela, Baustelle 3000, Eno, HazeL, Analogon and the Martin Chavez Duo. All concerts start at 16:30 at different locations in Erfurt!

    ESTRELA: Estrela is a 19-year-old independent singer-songwriter with over 9 years of musical experience. She produces her own songs from home on her laptop. Her band consists of her laptop, electric guitar and a stage piano. The repertoire ranges from jazzy RnB & NeoSoul music to ambient sounds or sometimes Brazilian grooves.
    Concert venue: Berliner Platz

    BAUSTELLE 3000: bauSTELLE is a hip-hop formation that was one of the most influential bands of the Thuringian rap scene in the late 2020s. The formation’s lyrics are very socially critical in content and their performances in the style of public protest events often triggered a strong echo in the media.
    Concert venue: Ilversgehofener Platz

    ENO: Word acrobatics, guitar and a pinch of cabaret – sometimes that’s all it takes. This is also the case with Eno – this time solo. Without band and 2/4th prank, but with new and old songs and a lot of upbeat mentality.
    Concert venue: Melchendorfer Markt

    Anna Logon: The 26-year-old Nicole Dresner as “Anna Logon” on stages and the streets of Erfurt, sings, plays guitar and conjures a smile on people’s faces.
    Concert venue: Leipziger Platz

    HAZEL: HazeL from Jena packs political and personal topics into melodic rap. To give space to emotions about the inside and outside, she writes – music is her outlet. With the release of her debut album last year, she has realized one of her biggest dreams. She critically questions, the world and herself. Look forward to your local newcomer!
    Concert venue: Vilniuspassage

    Martin Chavez: Martin Chavez from Argentina has been living in Erfurt for about two years. He is a passionate guitarist. His passion is jam sessions and jazz music. He has found a second home in the Jazzclub Erfurt.
    Concert venue: Beethovenplatz

    Time & Place

    various locations
    Friday, 15.09.
    4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

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