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    The GRAPHIT e.V. makes itself strong for illustration and drawing in many places. And also to #kulturflaniert we cultivate the CULTURE of the CONTOUR – with you! Therefore, you are cordially invited to the SHAPEGAMEWORKSHOP with wall painting action, on Sunday, 17.09.23 from 10 am to 5 pm. Directly in front of the Kulturquartier it goes with the pens round – or sometimes square – to the point. Whether on paper, on the big wall or later in the clouds – the main thing is to fill the shapes with everything you can see or imagine. Meanwhile, the KULTURQUARTIERFESTIVAL is running at full speed, enough material is there and even the sun comes by for the action. The whole thing is accompanied by professional amateurs and borrowed professionals. And anyway, everyone is a proven virtuoso of his or her own stroke afterwards. So no excuses – it’s time to blot together again! Ps. for the spontaneous among you: A pre-registration is not necessary. Painting will be done as long as the wall lasts.

    PLace & Time

    Klostergang 4

    Sunday, 17.9

    from 10 am to 5 pm


    Registration is not necessary.

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