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Memorial and Educational Site Andreasstraße

    The “Andreasstraße” is a place of remembrance that combines two seemingly contradictory themes: Oppression and liberation. Here, the political prisoners of the SED dictatorship are remembered and, at the same time, the stories of the courageous women and men who dared to occupy a Stasi district administration here for the first time in 1989 are told. There is also a free media guide on site that takes visitors on a unique tour of the “Places of the Peaceful Revolution” through Erfurt’s city center.

    Time & Place

    Andreasstraße 37a
    10 – 6 p.m.

    Links & More

    Barriers: Barrier-free rooms and toilets
    Exhibition in German, Media Guide in German and English. Guided tours in foreign languages are available on request (for a fee) at:

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